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Up close and personal with Nana Mensah, CEO of Fame Model Management, Accra Men's Fashion Week and Mr. Model Africa
  Nana Mensah:Nana Mensah is my name. I am in my late 20's. I am a TV/Radio host, an event manager and philanthropist. I am also the C.E.O of Fame Model Management, Accra Men’s Fashion Week and Mr. Model Africa.
I choose to name my business Fame Model Management, because that is what the agency gives to its models as it introduces them to stardom. I didn’t study fashion in school, but the agency idea came about as a result of my encounter with many young people who had the desire to be in the modeling industry but had no idea on how to pursue it. I have trained about 40 and counting as models since I started a modeling school and I expect to train more people.
Mr. Model Africa is focused on just men because I felt a lot of attention is already given to women than men when it comes to modeling in Ghana and as such, I wanted to create something that will solely focus on them.
In setting up my business, I have faced several challenges, such as getting good modeling jobs for the models. People want to use them but when it comes to paying, it becomes a problem.
When it comes to Mr. Model Africa, the challenge is getting sponsors to buy into the idea of male modeling. I feel corporate Ghana still doesn't understand the business of modeling and how models can help sell their brands On my achievements, I succeeded in organizing the first ever Accra Mens Fashion Week 2016, which is actually the second of its kind in Africa. The Season 3 of Mr. Model Africa is currently ongoing.
I also put together Queens Diaries TV show, which is about former beauty queens and what they are about now after handing. This would be coming soon on TV. In a few years to come, I hope together with my team to grow my events into some of the ultimate brands on the continent.
To the young ones who out there who also have dreams of becoming entrepreneurs in future, all I want to tell them is “don't give up; you will face all kinds of obstacles from all angles but just don't stop. Ultimately, trust in God.

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